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I am delighted to welcome you to Transforms with Joy's The Way of the  Introvert! One meaning of the word welcome is "to be honored by your presence". So I welcome you and am so honored.  Many kind, generous, and gentle people have contributed to who I am and what I do. 

I now live in the sweet space of being in my light.  My wish for you is that whereever you journey next, you will find yourself right smack dab in the middle of your light too.

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A Glimpse...

I am a lifelong introvert and Highly-Sensitive Person with decades of experience.   

I spent too many years trying to fit into an extroverted world that I didn't understand. In my early years, no one really knew what I was going through and I had no words to describe my pain or how my brain works.  I was a puzzle to myself, my family, my teachers and my friend. (This is not a typo. I really do mean friend without an "s".) 

I was very fortunate to have introverted people in my life that understood that when I first landed in a 12 Step program, I needed to go to fewer meetings not more, and that socializing before and after meetings was excruciating and added to relapses.  My college counseling instructor knew that video-taping in front of everyone and to have to talk off the top of my head dimmed my light, not brightened it.  So, we did my video taping with my role playing client, the instructor and myself. There are many others who I had the privilege to meet and who helped me survive as an introvert.  Perhaps if we spend time together, I will tell you more stories of these very wise  people and what they did that worked.

   My experiences

My experiences as an introvert and HSP and those experiences you share with me are what makes me an understanding and caring person. This is my most cherished qualification.  My professional training is what qualifies me as a coach.

Personal Experiences

  • I am a Recovering Alcoholic.

  • I am a cancer survivor, as are my brother, my sister and my nephew.  We have learned a thing or two about enduring suspense.

  • Finding meaning is important to me.  My favorite things are AHA experiences, those exquisite moments when everything comes together and life is never the same.

My Professional Background

  •  A Master Practitioner and Coach of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) (current)

  •  A Clinical Social Worker (retired)

  •  A Mental Health Practitioner (retired)

  •  I have a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology (founded by Carl Jung)

  •  I am a human being above all (not retired)


May you find peace as you reach inward and strength when you reach outward.

 My grandmother would offer this invitation "let's have a cup of tea and chat about the things of life".