As is, these tips won't work for everyone.  They may need to be tweaked. The goal is to be more confident and empowered in the middle of introverted awkwardness.  There are many ways to get there.  We can help you find the ones that work best for you.
Filling Up and Letting It In
Mother and Daughter Meditating

Instead of trying to focus on letting the harmful stuff go, focus on filling up with the things that bring you delight, inspiration, and joy.  If you have things around you that do not enhance your happiness or well being put them away and out of sight.   
Fill your living environment with pictures, sounds, books, wall hangings, objects, smells and textures that increase your well-being and joy.  Let that beautiful brain of yours rearrange it's circuits to anchor what expands your Good.  It is a lot easier to  access this when you need an uplift.  It is a lot easier to express gratitude when those aspects of joy and inspiration surround you!


When You Need to
Answer Right Away

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When you are being pressed for an answer to an invitation or request, you can respond with something like:  "If you need an answer right now, it will have to be no."

You have the right to take the time you need to think through these requests and invitations, before you commit to something.

Can I Get Back to You?

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Give yourself the gift of time to think about an invitation or request before you make a commitment.  You can say something like this, "Can I get back to you.  I need to check on a couple of things."

I Just Don't Know What to Say...

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When someone asks the dreaded "How are you?" question, and throws you into the middle of introverted awkwardness, you can use a sentence that you have prepared ahead of time.  Mine is, "I am fine, thank you, because I have just finished a project, read a good book, or had an interesting ride over."

We know that this may be just beyond your reach.  You may say, "Geez, I haven't mastered saying, 'I am fine, thank you' yet."

We can help with that.